Presidents Message


When you think about it, there aren’t too many things in our lives that really give us choices. Some of what we do is a matter of chance … some a matter of obligation … some a matter of necessity. Yes, we’ve all made some choices along the way, but perhaps fewer than we might like.

The beauty of Reform Judaism is that it does give us choices. A Classic Reform congregation conducts services almost entirely in English, while other Reform congregations conduct a service mostly in Hebrew at which a Conservative Jew would feel at home. The bottom line is that this lack of rigidity allows us at Temple Israel to shape our service to fit the needs of this congregation – a congregation that is composed of people from the major branches of Judaism – Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox.

Recently I was a part of a group of six women who were called to the Torah as B’not Mitzvahs. And let me tell you, what a privilege and an honor it was to be able to read from our Torah … with no vowels! It’s a choice I’m glad I made! Always at Temple Israel it is your personal choice to determine which rituals you observe … diverse backgrounds and beliefs are reflected here at Temple. But whatever your background, I’m delighted whenever you choose to spend any amount of time at the temple.

This temple is here today … has survived … because some have chosen to support the Temple with time, with labor, and with money. Staff-wise we are a volunteer Temple and can only be so because people choose to help. By choosing to participate, you will be assisting in keeping our doors open wide … wider than they had been for years.

Something very good is happening here. Choose to give of yourself, and you can become a part of that happening.